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Review of: Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women

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Comprehensive review of Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this protein powder.

Shredz Thermogenic Protein ReviewProduct Name:  Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women

Overall Rating:   Protein Powder Rating 2/5

Type:  Powder

Protein Source:  Whey protein concentrate, Whey protein isolate

Protein Per Serving:  20 grams

Price:  $50 (+$6.75 Shipping)

Size:  2 lbs

Serving Size:  1 scoop

Servings Included:  30

Cost Per Gram of Protein:  9.45 cents

Moneyback Guarantee:  No

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Whey Protein Concentrate, Oat Flour, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Potassium Chloride, Whey Protein Isolate, Guar Gum, Sucralose

Overall Opinion:

Overall, I gave Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women 2 out of 5 stars.

I was excited to try it because Shredz is a pretty popular brand.

However, I definitely was disappointed and it didn’t live up to the hype in my opinion.

First off, it’s just ridiculously expensive.

You’re just paying for the brand name.

A 2-pound container costs $50 on the Shredz website and you have to tack on an additional $6.75 for shipping.

It comes out to a whopping $56.75, which only will last you 1 month.

I don’t think it’s worth the price at all.

And to make matters worse, they don’t even have any sort of guarantee behind it.

They only have a pretty worthless 14-day return policy where the product can’t even be opened and has to be in the original package.

Next, the taste is horrible!

It’s too sweet and has a weird oatmeal taste due to the oat flour in the ingredients.

It’s probably one of my least favorite protein powder flavors and the shake is really foamy once you mix it up.

The main protein source is whey protein concentrate.

This protein isn’t as filtered or as high of quality as whey isolate.

I wish it used more of the isolate, however whey protein isolate is the third from the last ingredient.

I also saw some side effects when taking this protein powder.

I got bloated and had some belly pain.

There are a few things I do like about this protein.

I like the added “thermo blend” of Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract (Leaf), and Green Coffee Bean (Coffee Robusta) Extract.

These are meant to help boost fat lose and rev the metabolism.

However, it suggests spacing out any other stimulant supplements 2 – 4 hours from when you take it.

So you may want to keep this in mind and avoid drinking it at night.

I also like that it’s low carb and low fat, which may help with building lean muscle and weight loss.

Overall, it just fell flat for me and I was let down.

Detailed Opinion:

Ease of Use

This protein powder is pretty easy to use.

You just mix 1 scoop of protein with 6-8 fl. oz. of cold water or your choice of beverage.

It mixed up within 10 – 20 seconds when I used a shaker cup.

The biggest problem is that it foams up!

It’s definitely weird and kind of annoying because you have to drain it out.

I have found that protein powders that use starches or grains have a tendency to foam up.

This protein powder uses oat flour, which may be the culprit.

It’s also on the chalkier side and gets messy when trying to scoop the powder out of the container.


The flavor I tried in this protein powder was Cookies & Cream.

To put it short, the flavor was disgusting!

I didn’t like it at all and it made me lose my appetite a few times.

It’s extremely sweet and then has an oat aftertaste.

This protein includes “oat flour”, which is where that taste comes from.

Neither the weird oat taste nor the super sweet tastes are enjoyable.

Macro Analysis

For the macros, each serving has 20 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbs.

These are great numbers for those wanting to build lean muscle mass.

It has 110 calories per serving (1 scoop).

This is also a good low amount for those wanting to lose weight.

Ingredient Drilldown

The main protein source in Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women is whey protein concentrate.

It uses a far smaller amount of whey protein isolate, which is listed 3rd from the last ingredient in the lineup.

I really wish it used for of the isolate instead of the concentrate because it’s a more filtered and quality protein.

However, whey protein in general is quickly and easily digested in the body.

It also includes a Thermo Proprietary Blend of Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract (Leaf), and Green Coffee Bean (Coffee Robusta) Extract.

This blend is meant to help rev your metabolism and burn fat.

Some studies have shown that these ingredients, especially the green tea and coffee bean extract, have been able to successfully help individuals lose extra weight compared to the control groups.

Oat flour is included in the ingredients, which isn’t something that you normally see in protein powders.

This may help add some fiber (1g) to the nutritional facts.

Fiber also helps you feel full for longer and aids in digestion.

This protein powder has milk and soy, so just be careful if you’re sensitive or allergic to these.

Side Effects

I did notice some slight bloating after drinking this protein powder.

It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t too comfortable.

Thankfully it went away after about an hour or so.

This protein powder does suggest spacing out any other stimulant supplements at least 2-4 hours apart because of the thermo blend added in.

Best Uses

After using Thermogenic Protein Made For Women, I’d say it best uses are for building and repairing lean muscle along with potential weight loss.

It has 20 grams of protein per serving and is low calorie and low carb.

It also includes a Thermo Proprietary Blend that is meant to help rev your metabolism and burn fat.


For a 2 lb. container, it costs a total of $56.75 ($50 for the powder and $6.75 for shipping and handling).

Each gram of protein ends up costing 9.45 cents.

This is so expensive and definitely pricier than your average protein powder.

I don’t think the price is worth it at all.

I feel like you’re just paying for the brand name and the value isn’t really there.


I couldn’t find any type of guarantee on the Shredz website.

This is a huge disappointment because this protein powder is extremely expensive.

So if you aren’t happy with it, you’re out a whopping $56.75.

Also, for lack of a better word, their return policy simply sucks and is super nit picky.

You have 14 days to return the product but it has to be unopened and in the original package.

So it’s pretty worthless.

Where To Buy

To buy Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women, click here.

Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women: Summary

Factor Shredz Thermogenic Protein Made For Women
Overall Rating Protein Powder Rating 2/5
Ease of Use Mixes pretty easily but foams up
Taste Disgusting – super sweet with an oat aftertaste
Macro Analysis 20g protein, 2g fat, 3g carbs.  110 calories
Ingredients Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Thermo Blend
Best Uses Building and repairing lean muscle, weight loss
Side Effects Yes, slight bloating
Price/Value Costs $50 (+$6.75 Shipping) for 2 pounds.  9.45 cents per gram of protein
Guarantee None
Where To Buy Click Here

Shredz Thermogenic Protein Review

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